Saturday, 18 October 2008

Bert Jansch - Moraga Hall 1978

bert jansch, live, soundboard, santa cruz, moraga hall, 1978

Bert Jansch, live at Moraga Hall, Santa Cruz LA, 8th July 1978

Some more from my favourite British folkie, this is the early show from the aforementioned venue and date, I may share the late show at a later date too.

Some trivia for you. Backwaterside was taken by Jimmy Page and reworked into Black Mountain Side for their third, imaginitively titled album, III.

01 Cat & Mouse
02 Chat 1
03 Poor Mouth
04 Chat 2
05 Day Break
06 One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer
07 Chat 3
08 Avocet
09 Chat 4
10 Backwaterside
11 Pretty Saro
12 Chat 5
13 Down River
14 Come Back Baby
15 Tell Me Where'd My Life Go
16 One For Jo
17 Outro

Download samples, they're not in Zip
Jansch Moraga


Peter said...

this is soooo sweet - thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

What luck to find this, and in excellent quality. many thanks from Brisbane Australia.