Sunday, 5 October 2008

Sonic Youth - Accelerator Festival 2005

sonic youth, accelerator festival, live, soundboard, 2005

Sonic Youth, Accelerator Festival, Stora Scenen Malmo, 5th July 2005

Another soundboard slice of Sonicness for you today. Do you think they'll still be abusing ears when they're in their '60's? Wait, how old are they anyway? Catching up dirt for sure...erm, enjoy!

01. Golden Blue
02. Stones
03. Pattern
04. Unmade Bed
05. Skip Tracer
06. Schizophrenia
07. Plastic Sun
08. New Hampshire
09. Rain On Tin
10. Pacific Coast Highway
11. Drunken Butterfly

Download samples, they're not in Rar
Sonic Accelerator

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