Sunday, 19 October 2008

Jean-Louis Murat

jean-louis murat, live, audience, Brussels, 2008

Jean-Louis Murat, live at Theatre 140, Brussels, 17th October 2008

Couldn't really get much info on Jean-Louis for your perusal, as most of it's only in French, and as I've not spoken it for...half of my life I guess, then I can't really do much with it. What I do know, is Murat is a very prolific songwriter in the rock genre, though his music does edge towards the more trad 'chantuese' style of French balladry rather than balls-out rock music. It's very much worth a listen.

01 Intro
02 Mousse Noire
03 Hermine
04 Amour En Fuite
05 Brule-Moi
06 Chante Bonheur
07 Taormina
08 Dame Souveraine
09 L'au-Dela
10 Tel Est Pris
11 Caillou
12 Royal Cadet
13 Encore Break
14 Legende Doree
15 Voyageur Perdus - Jaguar - Dieu Des Amours

Download samples, they're not in Zips
Murat Bruge 1
Murat Bruge 2

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