Thursday, 30 October 2008

Big Audio Dynamite - Bradford 1988

big audio dynamite, mick jones, live, soundboard, fm, 1988

Big Audio Dynamite, live at St. Georges Hall Bradford, unknown date 1988

BAD were formed in '84 by Mike Jones of The Clash and his director friend Don Letts, who had shot a few movies for The Clash. They mixed Jones punk and reggae styles with dance and hip-hop elements, and did a fantastic job in doing so.

These tracks are taken from a bootleg CD, they were added to a concert as filler but sadly no dating info was given apart from the year. It is known to be an FM source though.

01. C'mon Every Beatbox
02. The Battle Of All Saints Road
03. V Thirteen
04. Other 99
05. E=MC2

Download samples, it's not in Zip
BAD Bradford

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Bazarboy said...

Hi there

More info about the venue and qtuff

St. Georges Hall, Bradford, 22.06.88

If you want to hear something really great about BAd check this too

It's an incomplete gig from their cigale november 1989 Paris show.
An other Fm one
Best "house arrest" version if you ask me.

Thanks to rememeber that band in your selection.