Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Cocteau Twins - Glasgow 83 and Oslo 84

cocteau twins, live, fm, glasgow, 1983, soundboard

Cocteau Twins, live in Glasgow, 9th December 83, and Oslo, 30th October 1984

A couple of FM radio broadcasts from Guthrie, Frazer and Raymonde for you today. The first performed at Nightmoves in sunny Scotland, the second at the Rats Club in Norways capital.

My Buckleyite followers should know the connection, for those who don't, Liz Frazer was Jeffs lover for a short while, they dueted on All Flowers In Time, but never released it (though it is floating about, ask if you'd like it), and the Twins also covered Tim Buckleys Song To The Siren for the This Mortal Coil project, dreamed up by 4AD boss Ivo-Watts Russell, where bands on the label all contributed and collaborated on several albums, with Cocteau Twins as the axis.

Glasgows Nightmoves
01 Glass Candle Grenades
02 In Our Angelhood
03 From the Flagstones
04 My Love Paramour
04 Sugar Hiccup

Oslos Rat Club
01 The Spangle Maker
02 Millimillenary
03 Rococo
04 Pandora
05 Musette & Drums
06 From The Flagstones
07 Pearly Dewdrops Drops

Download samples as well as Rars (both at same link yet seperate), as they're not included.
Glasgow and Oslo Rars

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