Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Flaming Lips - Theatre Gallery 1984

flaming lips, live, first recorded show, theatre gallery, dallas, 1984

The Flaming Lips, live at the Theatre Gallery, Dallas Tx, 20th April 1984

This is reportedly the first recording of The Flaming Lips, I can't confirm or deny that. What I do know though, I love both Flaming Lips: the gonzo rock band, and the cosmic indie band, they both have many strenghts. Weaknesses too I guess.

01. Bag Full of Thoughts
02. Scratchin' The Door
03. Oklahoma City
04. Purple Haze > The Groover
05. In Memory of Elvis Presley
06. Out for a Walk > Oh Ohh Ohhhh
07. Oh Ohh Ohhhh (reprise)
08. Garden of Eyes (with Gibby Haynes)
09. White Light \ White Heat (w\ Gibby)>10,000 Light Years from Home
10. I Want My Own Planet
11. Planet (finale)>Summertime Blues
12. >outro<
04. Out For A Walk - Oh Ohh Ohhhh
10. White Light\White Heat (with Gibby Haynes)

Download samples, they're not in Rar.
Lips Gallery Rar

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Anonymous said...

The link on this one is messed up on my computer and won't let me download it, is anybody else having this problem? I really want this one!