Monday, 27 July 2009

Madeleine Peyroux - Montreal 2006

madeleien peyroux, live, soundboard, fm, montreal, 2006

Madeleine Peyroux, live at the Théatre Outremont, Montreal, 20th October 2006

Madeleine is an American born singer/songwriter, who after moving to Paris in her teens has made her name as a quality jass and folk singer, in the mould of Billie Holiday and her ilk. She's released 5 albums to date, after first struggling with the pressure placed on her after the debut Dreamland, there were eight years between that and the follow-up Got You on My Mind. Anyway, she sings alot of covers, from both the jazz and folk worlds (Leonard Cohen, Serge Gainsbourg, Elliott Smith), many of which are amongst this fabulous set. Enjoy!

1. Intro
2. Blue Alert
3. Don't Wait Too Long
4. Don't Cry Baby
5. Comment
6. Everybody's Talkin'
7. Between the Bars
8. Half the Perfect World
9. Comment
10. La Javanaise
11. A Little Bit
12. I Think it's Going to Rain
13. Comment
14. I Hear Music
15. Careless Love
16. Smile
17. Players presentation
18. Comment
19. J'ai Deux Amours
20. Dance Me to the End of Love
21. Conclusion and credits

Download samples, they're not in Zips...
Peyroux Theatre 1
Peyroux Theatre 2


Anonymous said...

Thanks, it sounds great. However track 2 is corrupt (I've downloaded the zip twice) any chance of re-uploading just track 2.


Bucklberry said...

Weird, not sure how a track inside the zip could be corrupt, and not the zip itself, when it's still intact on my harddrive.

Regardless, here it is:

Blue Alert

Anonymous said...

Whatever the problem the other tracks are fine so thank you for this fix. What a great show. Keep up the good work.