Friday, 24 July 2009

John Frusciante - Kentucky 1997

john frusciante, live, audience, kentucky, unreleased, 1997

John Frusciante, live in Kentucky, April 1997

Recorded in an unknown location on an unknown date, very handy that, and sadly nowhere near a complete show. That aside, there are some rather rare tracks here. Two of the songs are unreleased John compositions, tentatively titled by fans probably, and another is a cover of Nirvana's Moist Vagina, b-side to the also snappily titled Rape Me. Enjoy!

01 Elemental
02 Life's a Bath
03 Untitled #12
04 Dustbin
05 Moist Vagina

Download sample, it's not in Zip...
Johns Vagina

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the Accidental Genius said...

Frusciante rules. Thank you!