Sunday, 12 July 2009

Nine Inch Nails - Clarkston 2009

nine inch nails, nin, live, audience, clarkston, 2009

NIN, live at the DTE Energy Music Theater, Clarkston, 31st May 2009

Seriously, I really hate these sponsored venues, how iconic a gig could ever take place at the "Some random phone/electric/computer company theatre"? Utterly horrid! Anyway, here's Trent and the boys, enjoy!

01. Now I'm Nothing
02. Terrible Lie
03. Sin
04. March of the Pigs
05. Piggy
06. The Frail
07. The Wretched
08. Discipline
09. Burn
10. Gave Up
11. La Mer
12. Lights in the Sky
13. Non-Entity
14. The Downward Spiral
15. Wish
16. Survivalism
17. The Hand that Feeds
18. Head Like a Hole

Download samples, they're not in Zips...
NiN 1
NiN 2


DeadBilly said...

I agree with you on the sponsorship / re-naming of venues. It may be DTE Energy Theater now, but it'll always be Pine Knob to me.

Anonymous said...

Don´t forget the venues named after beer companies (at least here in Germany);)

andy said...

Agreed. Here in Boston it used to be Great Woods. I could get behind beer company names, at least until the novelty wore off.

Anyone know where there are any Street Sweeper Social Club bootlefs?

Anonymous said...

I whole-heartedly agree with you about the venue name issue... the answer is for the music fans (or sports fans, if the venue is used for sports) to keep using the old name and not use the new "corporate" name... or give it a new name completely that ignores the corporation... :)