Saturday, 11 July 2009

Tim Buckley - New York 1972

tim buckley, live, felt forum, new york city, 1972

Tim Buckley, live at the Felt Forum, New York, 23rd September 1972

Not posted much the past few days, had a bit on. My bad.

Here's some Tim for you anyway, audience recorded, but for '72 a very good sound. The band was opening for Frank Zappa, who's audience were not very receptive. In the linear notes of the Boot CD Lee Underwood states that Tim threw his hands up and walked off near the end of Gipsy Woman. You'd think Zappa fans might be a tad more receptive, but then they can be as partizan as anyone else I guess. Enjoy!

01. Buzzin' Fly
02. Love From Room 109
03. Happy Time
04. I Just Don't Work Right in the Morning
05. Gypsy Woman

Download sample, it's not in Zip...
Tim Felt


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Tim Buckley shows, all the best, mz

Greg said...

I was at this show. I was not that familiar with his music but I remember that the crowd was not receptive at all. I remember thinking that a smaller venue would have worked better.

Interesting that this was Waka/Jawaka - Big Wazoo era Zappa. When Frank came out he announced that he would not be doing any vocals, people could have their money back if they wanted, but his band was going to play. It was one of the best nights of big band jazz/rock I have ever seen!