Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Mooney Suzuki - Jersey City 2002

mooney suzuki, live, soundboard, fm, wmfu, 2002

Mooney Suzuki, live on WFMU, Jersey City, 19th February 2002

Some NYC garage rock for you today. Mooney have four albums to date, and have toured with The White Stripes, Kings of Leon and The Hives amongst many, giving any who've not heard of them a good estimation as to their sound. Just look at the one fella's jacket too, pure badassery! I'm sure you'll enjoy!

01. Intro/In A Young Man's Mind
02. Make My Way
03. I Woke Up This Morning
04. (chatter)
05. Electric Sweat
06. It's Not Easy
07. Natural Fact
08. (chatter)
09. Oh Sweet Suzanna
10. I Say I Love You
11. Half My Heart
12. Turn My Blue Sky Black
13. Outro

Download samples, they're not in Zip...
Suzuki WFMU

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