Friday, 31 October 2008

Jarvis Cocker - Summercase 2007

jarvis cocker, live, summercase festival, 2007

Jarvis Cocker, live at the Summercase Festival, Barcelona, 14th July 2007

Some solo Jarvis for you today, and a great sounding boot it is too. I've loved all his work, going back as far as 83-84 (I forget when the debut was exactly), and continue to do so. Excellent choice for cover version too!

01. (intro)
02. Fat Children
03. Dont Let Him Waste Your Time
04. Stormy Weather
05. One Man Show
06. I Will Kill Again
07. Tonite
08. Big Julia
09. Disney Town
10. Big Stuff
11. Black Magic
12. Cunts Are Still Running The World
13. Eye Of The Tiger [Survivor]

Download samples, they're not in Zip.
Jarvis Barcelona

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Big Audio Dynamite - Bradford 1988

big audio dynamite, mick jones, live, soundboard, fm, 1988

Big Audio Dynamite, live at St. Georges Hall Bradford, unknown date 1988

BAD were formed in '84 by Mike Jones of The Clash and his director friend Don Letts, who had shot a few movies for The Clash. They mixed Jones punk and reggae styles with dance and hip-hop elements, and did a fantastic job in doing so.

These tracks are taken from a bootleg CD, they were added to a concert as filler but sadly no dating info was given apart from the year. It is known to be an FM source though.

01. C'mon Every Beatbox
02. The Battle Of All Saints Road
03. V Thirteen
04. Other 99
05. E=MC2

Download samples, it's not in Zip
BAD Bradford

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Antony and the Johnsons - Dalhalla 2007

antony and the johnsons, antony hegarty, live, soundboard, fm,  dalhalla, sweden, 2007

Antony and the Johnsons, live at Rättvikk Dalhalla, 2nd June 2007

A great set from Antony & co. here, and from a great venue too, an old mine by all accounts. A Fantastic cover of Beyonce Knowles too :)

01. Mysteries of Love
02. For today I am a Boy
03. Cripple & Starfish
04. Dust & Water
05. Deeper than love
06. I fell in Love with a Dead boy
07. Crazy in Love
08. Fistful of Love
09. You are My Sister
10. Twilight
11. Hope there is Someone
12. Bird Gehrl
13. Dream about who you are

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Johnsons Sweden

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Colin Meloy - The Orange Peel 2008

colin meloy, solo, live, audience, orabge peel, 2008

Colin Meloy, live at The Orange Peel, Ashville NC, 11th April 2008

Lead singer for The Decemberists, Colin often goes out on solo tours of small venues such as The Orange Peel, why? You'd have to ask him, I guess he just likes it. He does put out some nice and quirky EPs for his tours mind you.

The band are named after a revolt in Russia in December 1836 or there-a-bouts (I'm writing this from my admittedly bad memory), though I think that Russians actually call them Decembrists. Whether Colin and Co. spelt it incorrectly on purpose to make it more English-speaker-friendly, or didn't know it's spelt that way, or whatever, I don't know and frankly don't care too much, I just know it's wrong. Well 95% sure anyway...see bad memory remark. Tracks 11 & 15 are unreleased btw.

01. My Mother was a Chinese Trapeze Artist
02. The Perfect Crime #2
03. Dracula's Daughter > O Valencia!
04. Odalisque
05. The Engine Driver
06. banter: (Consuela & Cornwallis)
07. Eli, the Barrow Boy
08. Cupid (with Laura Gibson)
09. Grace Cathedral Hill
10. Apology Song
11. Hazards
12. A Cautionary Song
13. encore break
14. Every Day is Like Sunday
15. Raincoat

Download samples, they're not in Zip
Meloy Orange

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Jean-Louis Murat

jean-louis murat, live, audience, Brussels, 2008

Jean-Louis Murat, live at Theatre 140, Brussels, 17th October 2008

Couldn't really get much info on Jean-Louis for your perusal, as most of it's only in French, and as I've not spoken it for...half of my life I guess, then I can't really do much with it. What I do know, is Murat is a very prolific songwriter in the rock genre, though his music does edge towards the more trad 'chantuese' style of French balladry rather than balls-out rock music. It's very much worth a listen.

01 Intro
02 Mousse Noire
03 Hermine
04 Amour En Fuite
05 Brule-Moi
06 Chante Bonheur
07 Taormina
08 Dame Souveraine
09 L'au-Dela
10 Tel Est Pris
11 Caillou
12 Royal Cadet
13 Encore Break
14 Legende Doree
15 Voyageur Perdus - Jaguar - Dieu Des Amours

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Murat Bruge 1
Murat Bruge 2

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Drive-By Truckers - Belly Up Tavern 2008

drive-by truckers, live, audience, california, 2008

Drive-By Truckers, live at The Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach CA, 20th June 2008

DBT follow the southern rock tradition made famous by likes of The Eagles, Moby Grape, Lynyrd Skynyrd by having a three guitar line-up, not 100% LS had 3 actually but they have 'the' sound, thankfully they're a bit more alt/rock/country than MOR as The Eagles are seen by many.
Hailing from Alabama/Georgia, they write alot about coming from small town southern U.S.A. with a great knack for story telling, as amply demonstrated in the sample song 18 Wheels Of Love. Enjoy the show!

Oh yes, as an aside, I have a stiff 12"! That's Lena Lovetichs Lucky Number Nine from the '80's indie label Stiff Records (as on the t-shirt above) of course :)

01. That Man I Shot
02. Self Destructive Zones
03. The Company I Keep
04. The Tough Sell
05. Where the Devil Don't Stay
06. Dead Drunk and Naked
07. Guitar Man Upstairs
08. Life in the Factory
09. Three Dimes Down
10. I'm Eighteen
11. I'm Sorry Houston
12. Righteous Path
13. Checkout Time in Vegas
14. You and Your Crystal Meth
15. Putting People on the Moon
16. Marry Me
17. Let There Be Rock
18. Ghost to Most
19. 18 Wheels of Love
20. Lookout Mountain
21. Steve McQueen

Download samples, they're not in Zips.
Truckers Belly 1
Truckers Belly 2

Jeff Buckley - Wulfrun Hall 1995

jeff buckley, wulfrun hall, wolverhampton, live, 1995

Jeff Buckley, live at Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, 2nd March 1995

Not the greatest of shows, nor recordings, of Jeffs today, but it has it merits; Some good banter with the crowd, who are rather rowdy at times. It starts off a bit mediocre but does pick up a bit during What Will You Say, one of the highlights of the set.

Some fuckhead has been reporting my posts here, and some of my files to 4shared, and as such some have been forcably removed. Not very cool. Ryan Adams shares his recordings openly, and though I'm not sure about Richard Hawley his show was a soundboard sourced recording, with the taper given permission to record it. I fail to see how these two are pissing anybody off. Maybe it's just me then...

Intro - Dream Brother
So Real
Last Goodbye
Eternal Life
Kick Out the Jams
What Will You Say
Lilac Wine
All I Ask
Mojo Pin
Lover, You Should've Come Over

Download samples, they're not in Zip
Buckley Wulfrun

The Flaming Lips - Summer Camp 2008

flaming lips, live, summer camp festival, chillicothe, 2008

The Flaming Lips, live at the Summer Camp Festival, Chillicothe Il, 23rd May 2008

Mostly singles from their last few albums in this set, and as it's a festival then that's fair enough, but I do like to hear bands of this longevity mix it up a bit myself. That's just me being a picky so-and-so :)

Waynes amount of talking between songs reflects their years as a bar band who rarely knew what they were going to do one moment to the next I think too, as you'd never see a band, such as Muse or Radiohead for example, who were in a pro environment from the first album or so being quite so loose. Then again, maybe they're just boring swine with nothing to say anyway!

01 Stravinsky
02 Ta Da!
03 Race for the Prize
04 Wayne Chat 1
05 Free Radicals
06 Wayne Chat 2
07 Song Remains the Same (Led Zeppelin)
08 Fight Test
09 Wane Chat 3
10 Mountainside
11 Wayne Chat 4
12 Vein of Stars
13 Wayne Chat 5
14 Yoshimi Part I
15 Pompeii (Dedicated to Pink Floyd)
16 Wayne Chat 6
17 The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
18 Taps
19 The W.A.N.D.
20 Wayne Chat 7
21 She Don't Use Jelly
22 Encore Break
23 Do You Realize?

Download samples, they're not in the Zips
Lips Summer 1
Lips Summer 2

Bert Jansch - Moraga Hall 1978

bert jansch, live, soundboard, santa cruz, moraga hall, 1978

Bert Jansch, live at Moraga Hall, Santa Cruz LA, 8th July 1978

Some more from my favourite British folkie, this is the early show from the aforementioned venue and date, I may share the late show at a later date too.

Some trivia for you. Backwaterside was taken by Jimmy Page and reworked into Black Mountain Side for their third, imaginitively titled album, III.

01 Cat & Mouse
02 Chat 1
03 Poor Mouth
04 Chat 2
05 Day Break
06 One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer
07 Chat 3
08 Avocet
09 Chat 4
10 Backwaterside
11 Pretty Saro
12 Chat 5
13 Down River
14 Come Back Baby
15 Tell Me Where'd My Life Go
16 One For Jo
17 Outro

Download samples, they're not in Zip
Jansch Moraga

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals - Cleveland 2008

ryan adams, ryan adams and the cardinals, live, soundboard, palace theatre, 2008

Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, live at the Palace Theatre, 30th September 2008

The second night at the Palace Theatre (hence I named the show with an (again)) from Ryan and his cohorts, with another great setlist. A hard thing to do with such a back catalogue plus sprinklings of covers (the usual Oasis and Alice In Chains songs)I know...soundboard sourced, so a great sound too. Enjoy!

01. Cobwebs
02. Everybody Knows
03. Love Is Hell
04. Two
05. Let It Ride
06. Desire
07. Fix It
08. Wonderwall
09. Wish You Were Here
10. Evergreen >
11. Bartering Lines >
12. Goodnight Rose
13. How Do You Keep Love Alive
14. Meadowlake Street
15. Come Pick Me Up
16. Natural Ghost
17. Sun Also Sets
18. Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.
19. Peaceful Valley >
20. Dear Chicago
21. Sinking Ships
22. Down In A Hole
23. La Cienega Just Smiled
24. Mockingbirdsing
25. Crossed Out Name
26. This Is It

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RAatC Cleveland
RAtaC Cleveland

Friday, 17 October 2008

Rolling Stones - Brussels 1973

rolling stones, live, soundboard, brussels, 1973

Rolling Stones, live in Brussels (aka Brussels Affair Definitive Edition), 17th October 1973

Been a while since I've posted some Stones, and this is a real gem! Recently remastered by Thir13en, after having gotten shot of the rubbishy sounding audience recorded tracks, this does really sound excellent.

01 Brown Sugar
02 Gimme Shelter
03 Happy
04 Tumbling Dice
05 Dancing With Mr. D
06 Angie
07 You Can't Always Get What You Want
08 Midnight Rambler
09 Honky Tonk Women
10 All Down The Line
11 Rip This Joint
12 Jumping Jack Flash
13 Street Fighting Man

Download samples, they're not in Zip!
Stones Brugge

Babyshambles - Fete de l'huma 2008

babyshambles, pete doherty, live, audience, Fete de l'huma, La courneuve, 2008

Babyshambles, live at the Fete de l'huma, La Courneuve, 13th September 2008

Pete Doherty is given a hard time by the press, but they do love to rip into people, so I s'pose he's as good as any to do so with. Yes, he's got his problems and acts like a dick, but then he also does some really good work. Sadly, though the band sounds really good, Pete doesn't. I don't know if it's due to the mic, or just him being all muffly...good set though.

01 La Belle Et La Bete
02 Carry on up the morning
03 Delivery
04 Baddies boogie
05 Beg, Steal And Borrow
06 Back From The Dead
07 Back From The Dead(reprise)
08 UnBiloTitled
09 The Blinding
10 Killamangiro
11 Sedative
12 Pipetown
13 I wish
14 Albion
15 Fuck forever

Download samples, they're not in Zip
Babyshambles La Courneuve

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Jeff Buckley - The Music Faucet 1992

jeff buckley, music faucet, wfmu, live, soundboard, fm, radio

Jeff Buckley, live on WFMU, 'The Music Faucet', 11th October 1992

A wonderful set of covers for you today, including two peaches from Elton Johns Captain Fantastic... album, played incidently in the order they appear on that album, We All Fall In Love Sometimes and Curtains. Many of the songs featured were recorded during the Grace sessions, maybe I'll post those in the future, and notably this broadcast also features an early incarnation of Lover, You Should've Come Over (Edit: Last Goodbye, I'm a retard. Thanks J!), then entitled Unforgiven. You can 'view image' to see the early lyrics in Jeffs own hand clearly above :)

01. Lost Highway
02. Eternal Life
03. Please Send Me Someone To Love
04. The Way Young Lovers Do
05. Satisfied Mind
06. Hallelujah
07. Mama You've Been On My Mind
08. Alligator Wine
09. Chat - Calling You (aborted)
10. Unforgiven
11. We All Fall In Love Sometimes
12. Curtains
13. Dinks Song
14. Corpus Christi Carol

Download samples, they're not in Zip
Buckley Faucet

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

of Montreal - Rosleand Ballroom 2008

of montreal, live, roseland ballroom, nyc, 2008

Of Montreal, live at the Roseland Ballroom New York, 10th October 2008

Touring to promote the forthcoming album Skeletal Lamping, from which most of the set comes, of Montreal have had a previous eight albums in total. I came to them quite late, after having heard this really fat bassline a couple of years ago and lyrics I took to be "let's pretend we're in an autocar", it was actually Antarctica, but hey, we all mis-hear things from time to time. A great setlist from the Athens Georgia group, so do enjoy!

01. intro
02. Id Engager
03. So Begins Our Alabee
04. Triphallus, to Punctuate!
05. She's A Rejecter
06. For Our Elegant Caste
07. Touched Something's Hollow
08. An Eluardian Instance
09. Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse
10. Gallery Piece
11. Wraith Pinned To The Mist (And Other Games)
12. Women's Studies Victims
13. St. Exquisite's Confessions
14. Eros' Entropic Tundra
Disc 2
01. Nonpareil Of Favor
02. Instrumental
03. Wicked Wisdom
04. Disconnect The Dots
05. Instrumental
06. And I've Seen A Bloody Shadow
07. Plastis Wafers
08. Beware Our Nubile Miscreants
09. Mingusings
10. A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger
11. encore break
12. banter/pizza chant
13. Smells Like Teen Spirit (with Andrew Vanwyngarden of MGMT)
14. Gronlandic Edit

Download samples, they're not in Zips.
Montreal Roseland 1
Montreal Roseland 2

Monday, 13 October 2008

My Bloody Valentine - Roundhouse London 2008

my bloody valentine, mbv, live, roundhouse, london, 2008

My Bloody Valentine, live at the Roundhouse, London 21st June 2008

Another MBV show from their reunion tour for you today. I'd comment further but I'm being neglectful enough as it is today!

01. Only Shallow
02. When You Sleep
03. You Never Should
04. (When You Wake) You're Still Dreaming
05. Lose My Breath
06. I Only Said
07. Come In Alone
08. Thorn
09. Nothing Much To Lose
10. To Here Knows When
11. Slow
12. Blown A Wish
13. Soon
14. Feed Me With Your Kiss
15. Sueisfine
16. You Made Me Realise

Download samples as well as Zips, they're not included.
MBV Roundhouse 1
MBV Roundhouse 2

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Hamell On Trial - Sarah Street Grill 2005

ed hamell, hamell on trial, live, soundboard, sarah street grill, 2005

Hamell On Trial, live at the Sarah Street Grill, 22nd December 2005

Ed Hamell's a whirling dervish touting a battered and ancient acoustic, he is both deadly serious, and not serious at all. For instance, he writes songs about his distaste for the way politicians constantly bullshit, but then totally makes you laugh by calling them things like Coulters Snatch and saying how funny it would be to say that Ann Coulter has a smelly pussy, citing the "throw enough mud" argument. Not so funny when I write about it, but the track is immense!

He's currently signed to Righteous Babe, owned by Ani Defranco, who also plays and sings a little on his albums, and most of his income comes from a gruelling tour schedule across the States, though he has had slots in such places as the world famous Edinburgh Festival, primarily for comedians, yet his show won many an accolade. His recorded shows are made freely available for the world too, you can find them at the fabulous Internet Archive, where most are available in any format you could need, except this one, hence I'm posting it! It is a great show nonetheless. Enjoy!

I would write out the tracklist as per usual, but there's loads of them (29!) and I'm bored of being on the computer as it took til the third attempt to upload part 2!

Chris And The Angels
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
Why Go Halfway

Download samples, they're not in the Zips
Hamell Sarah Street 1
Hamell Sarah Street 2

Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Black Keys - 9:30 Club 2008

black keys, live, soundboard, 2008

The Black Keys, live at the 9:30 club, 12th May 2008

Had some issues with my computer the past couple of days, so I lack the patience for any kind of writeup, they are a great rock 2-piece though and it's soundboard sourced. You'll notice (if you've been before or perused the older posts) it's Zip filed now instead of Rared. If you can't open it, befriend Google!

01. Girl is on My Mind
02. Set You Free
03. Thickfreakness
04. 10 AM Automatic
05. Same Old Thing
06. Stack Shot Billy
07. Busted
08. You're the One
09. Strange Times
10. Oceans and Streams
11. Your Touch
12. The Breaks
13. Remember When
14. I'm Glad
15. No Trust
16. I Got Mine
17. Psychotic Girl
18. 'Till I Get My Way

Download samples, thy're not in Zip.
Keys 9:30 Zip

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Jeff Buckley - Palais Theatre 1996

jeff buckley, palais theatre, live, soundboard, 1995

Jeff Buckley, live at the Palais Theatre Melbourne, 28th February 1996

Sadly this is only about half the set from the night, but on the upside it is soundboard I'm guessing FM perhaps? It's common for radio broadcasts to not put out full concerts anyway. This bootleg has a full band Moodswing Whiskey, but sadly lacking the excellent Vancouver at the climax. Ah well...

01. Moodswing Whiskey
02. Mojo Pin
03. I Woke Up In A Strange Place
04. Lilac Wine
05. Eternal Life
06. Grace
07. Hallelujah
08. Last Month Of The Year

Download sample, it's not in Rar.
Buckley Palais

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Flaming Lips - Theatre Gallery 1984

flaming lips, live, first recorded show, theatre gallery, dallas, 1984

The Flaming Lips, live at the Theatre Gallery, Dallas Tx, 20th April 1984

This is reportedly the first recording of The Flaming Lips, I can't confirm or deny that. What I do know though, I love both Flaming Lips: the gonzo rock band, and the cosmic indie band, they both have many strenghts. Weaknesses too I guess.

01. Bag Full of Thoughts
02. Scratchin' The Door
03. Oklahoma City
04. Purple Haze > The Groover
05. In Memory of Elvis Presley
06. Out for a Walk > Oh Ohh Ohhhh
07. Oh Ohh Ohhhh (reprise)
08. Garden of Eyes (with Gibby Haynes)
09. White Light \ White Heat (w\ Gibby)>10,000 Light Years from Home
10. I Want My Own Planet
11. Planet (finale)>Summertime Blues
12. >outro<
04. Out For A Walk - Oh Ohh Ohhhh
10. White Light\White Heat (with Gibby Haynes)

Download samples, they're not in Rar.
Lips Gallery Rar

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Sonic Youth - Accelerator Festival 2005

sonic youth, accelerator festival, live, soundboard, 2005

Sonic Youth, Accelerator Festival, Stora Scenen Malmo, 5th July 2005

Another soundboard slice of Sonicness for you today. Do you think they'll still be abusing ears when they're in their '60's? Wait, how old are they anyway? Catching up dirt for sure...erm, enjoy!

01. Golden Blue
02. Stones
03. Pattern
04. Unmade Bed
05. Skip Tracer
06. Schizophrenia
07. Plastic Sun
08. New Hampshire
09. Rain On Tin
10. Pacific Coast Highway
11. Drunken Butterfly

Download samples, they're not in Rar
Sonic Accelerator

Death Cab For Cutie - Brixton Academy 2008

death cab for cutie, live, brixton academy, london, 2008

Death Cab For Cutie, Brixton Academy London, 17th July 2008

I wrongly said that Death Cab took their name from Alex Chilton (very silly of me as I've known for years it's not), as Alex played this song on many an occasion. It is of course taken from the English band The Gonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, who played the song in the film Magical Mystery Tour, as well as Neil Innes being a smaller member of the Monty Python comedy group, contributing to musical numbers with Eric Idle, and appearing as one of the Mounties in the memorable Lumberjack sketch for instance.

I'll shut up about that now, it's nothing to do with the band Death Cab For Cutie! Enjoy the show :)

Disc 1:
01 Bixby Canyon Bridge
02 The New Year
03 Why You'd Want To Live Here
04. Crooked Teeth
05 Long Division
06 Grapevine Fires
07 A Moviescript Ending
08 Company Calls
09 Company Calls (Epilogue)
10 Soul Meets Body
11 I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Disc 2:
01 I Will Possess Your Heart
02 Cath
03 Expo '86
04 Styrofoam Plates
05 The Sound of Settling
06 Your Bruise
07 Title & Registration
08 Your New Twin Sized Bed
09 Tiny Vessels
10 Translanticism

Download samples, not in Rars.
Death Cab Brixton 1
Death Cab Brixton 2
Rear Cover ('view' main image to get full size)

Big props to whoever did the artwork for this too, the best bootleg art I've seen in ages!

Friday, 3 October 2008

Juliana Hatfield - How To Walk Away demos 2008

juliana hatfield, how to walk away, demo, unreleased, studio, soundboard, 2008

Juliana Hatfield, How To Walk Away demos, Stratosphere Sound Studio NYC 2008

These songs are the template for Julianas latest release, her tenth solo album at that, and album which features a fine array of guest/support musicians including Richard Butler (Psychedelic Furs), Matthew Caws (Nada Surf), Jody Porter (Fountains of Wayne) and Tracy Bonham among others. Enjoy!

01. A Beer And A Shot
02. My Baby
03. Shining On
04. Don't Wanna Be The One
05. Just Lust
06. Hold The Line
07. Not Enough
08. Cry Out Loud
09. Such A Beautiful Girl
10. The Rising Tide
11. Law Of Nature
12. So Alone
13. On Your Mind
14. Five Miles Wide
15. Kitten
16. If Only We Were Dogs
17. The Fact Remains
18. Back To Freedom
19. Remember November
20. Nights Like These

Download samples, they're not in Rar.
Juliana How To Rar

Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Clash - Jamaica World Music Fest 1982

the clash, live, soundboard, jamaica, montego bay, 1982

The Clash, Montego Bay Jamaica, 27th November 1982

London Calling, if it's not in your top ten albums of the eighties, okay I'll give you twenty, then gtfo! I know my LP of this is pretty early, and good 'ole Wiki has just confirmed it for me, as it doesn't include Train In Vain on the cover. Do you think I can be arsed to see if it's a first run though? No, plus there's probably loads of them out there making it worth about £5.75 anyway.

An unrelated random bit of music trivia, kinda: Yesterday I shared a train carriage with Eggsy of Goldie Lookin' Chain. Aren't I special...Nope.

01. London Calling
02. Police On My Back
03. The Guns Of Brixton
04. The Magnificent Seven
05. Armagideon Time
06. The Magnificent Seven (reprise)
07. Junco Partner
08. Spanish Bombs
09. One More Time
10. Train In Vain
11. Bankrobber
12. This Is Radio Clash
13. Clampdown
14. Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
15. Rock The Casbah
16. Straight To Hell
17. I Fought The Law

Download samples, they're not in Rar.
Clash Montego Bay Rar

Spoon - Live in Pitchfork Music Fest 2008

spoon, live, 2008, pitchfork music festival

Spoon, live in Union Park, 20th July 2008

Austin based four-piece Spoon are little known this side of the pond, hopefully this will change in the near future, but I'm unsure Merge have the funds to get them radio play in the UK. You all know that Radio 1 and its ilk only add stuff to its playlists when they get paid, right? Sucks I know.

They're six albums down, the last hitting 10th in the US charts on release, and will be recording another soon enough, if they're not already that is. The track "Writing To You In Reverse" was debuted in this performance, the closing set of the festival, so they can't be all bad surely? ;-)

01. Intro and Crowd Noise
02. Small Stakes
03. My Mathematical Mind
04. Stay Don't Go
05. Rythm `n Soul
06. The Ghost of You Lingers
07. The Beast and Dragon, Adored
08. Utilitarian
09. I Turn My Camera On
10. Writing To You In Reverse
11. Vittorio E.
12. I Summon You
13. Don't Make Me a Target
14. The Underdog
15. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
16: Crowd Noise
17. Mountain to Sound (with Bradford Cox)

Download samples as well as Rar, they're not included.
Union Park Rar

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Leonard Cohen - Live in Montreux 1985

leonard cohen, live, casino de montreux, soundboard, 1985

Leonard Cohen, live at Casino De Montreux, Montreux Switzerland, July 9th 1985

Now this is a proper bootleg! Laughing Lenny, soundboard sourced, and almost 3 hours long. What's not to like? Answers on a postcard to: I Care, 9 (think German) I Don't Give A Street, Shove It(aly).

Was that funny at all? Probably not but hey ho, enjoy the show!

Set 1.
01. Intro
02. Bird On The Wire
03. The Law
04. Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
05. There Is A War
06. Who By Fire
07. Dance Me To The End Of Love
08. Diamonds In The Mine
09. Night Comes On
10. The Gypsy's Wife
11. Hallelujah

Set 2.
01. Avalanche (solo)
02. A Singer Must Die (solo)
03. The Stranger Song (solo)
04. Chelsea Hotel #2 (solo)
05. Story Of Isaac
06. Famous Blue Raincoat
07. Lover Lover Lover
08. Tennessee Waltz
09. The Partisan
10. Sisters of Mercy
11. Memories

01. Passin' Through
02. If It Be Your Will
03. Heart With No Companion
04. I Tried To Leave You
05. Suzanne
06. Coming Back To You
07. Joan Of Arc
08. Dance Me To The End Of Love (2)

Rear cover ('view' main image to get full size version)

Download samples, they're not included in Rars.
Cohen Montreux part 1
Cohen Montreux part 2
Cohen Montreux part 3

Rufus Wainwright - Solo in Portugal 2008

rufus wainwright, live, vila nova de Famalicão, Casa das Artes de V.N. Famalicão, 2008, unreleased

Rufus Wainwright, live at Vila Nove De Famalicão, 28th June 2008

Some Rufus Wainwright for you, I'm surprised I've never posted any before actually, but this should make up for it a tad. Amongst many favourites performed on the night, Rufus plays two new songs. The first, A Womans Face..., is Shakespeares 20th sonnet set to music by Mr. W, and the previous song Who Are You New York?, is totally fresh. Zebulon is also unreleased, but has been played since 2007. The show was the first of a double header at the venue, and Rufus plays minus band. Enjoy!

01. Grey Gardens
02. The Maker Makes
03. Beauty Mark
04. Nobody's Off The Hook
05. Sansoucci
06. Beautiful Child
07. I'm Not Ready To Love
08. Going To A Town
09. Who Are You, New York?
10. A Woman's Face With Nature's Own Hand Painted (Spoken)
11. A Woman's Face With Nature's Own Hand Painted
12. California
13. Greek Song
14. Little Sister
15. Zebulon
16. Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk / Encore 1
17. The Art Teacher
18. Leaving for Paris No. 2
19. Hallelujah / Encore 2
20. Foolish Love
21. La Complainte De La Butte

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Vila Nova 1
Vila Nova 2

Cocteau Twins - Glasgow 83 and Oslo 84

cocteau twins, live, fm, glasgow, 1983, soundboard

Cocteau Twins, live in Glasgow, 9th December 83, and Oslo, 30th October 1984

A couple of FM radio broadcasts from Guthrie, Frazer and Raymonde for you today. The first performed at Nightmoves in sunny Scotland, the second at the Rats Club in Norways capital.

My Buckleyite followers should know the connection, for those who don't, Liz Frazer was Jeffs lover for a short while, they dueted on All Flowers In Time, but never released it (though it is floating about, ask if you'd like it), and the Twins also covered Tim Buckleys Song To The Siren for the This Mortal Coil project, dreamed up by 4AD boss Ivo-Watts Russell, where bands on the label all contributed and collaborated on several albums, with Cocteau Twins as the axis.

Glasgows Nightmoves
01 Glass Candle Grenades
02 In Our Angelhood
03 From the Flagstones
04 My Love Paramour
04 Sugar Hiccup

Oslos Rat Club
01 The Spangle Maker
02 Millimillenary
03 Rococo
04 Pandora
05 Musette & Drums
06 From The Flagstones
07 Pearly Dewdrops Drops

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Glasgow and Oslo Rars

Camille - Live on France Inter 2008

camille, live, soundboard, france inter, fm, studio 105, 2008

Camille, live on France Inter FM, broadcast 30th August 2008

This is a compilation broadcast from French songstress Camille (Dalmais), part-time member of 'cool' coverists Nouvelle Vague, mercifully only contributing to their first (good) album, and solo artiste.

The broadcast re-ran previous performances on France Inter (tracks 2+4 18th Dec 02, track 6 32rd Feb 05) with songs and interview recorded on 18th June 2008. Included in the broadcast is what's reported as the first song (that she wrote) that she ever performed live, Un Homme Déserté. Unfortunately, I don't understand very much French, it's been a while since I was in school, the only place I've ever spoken more than the odd phrase, so the interviews are lost on me, but I know some will want/enjoy/understand them better than I. A transcript would be nice...

01 Interview 1
02 Paris
03 Interview 2
04 Un Homme Déserté
05 Interview 3
06 Ta Douleur
07 Interview 4
08 Canards Sauvages
09 Interview 5
10 Home Is Where It Hurts
11 Interview 6
12 Money Note

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Studio 105 Rar