Friday, 19 September 2008

...And You Will Know Us - Live At TK 2008

and you will know us, by the trail of dead, live, brussels, 2008

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, live at Tk, Brussels, 18th May 2008
...And You Will Know Us released their first music in 1995, on a compilation cassette, before finally releasing something themselves in 1998. By 2002 they were getting tidy recognition, and it's been a steady rise since. They're currently recording I believe, as they've not released anything since 2006 (Jan 09 is the possible date of release). They've played at least one new track recently, not heard of anymore myself but I don't follow them that closely, and it's included in the set here.

01. Crowd Noise
02. Ode To Isis
03. Gargoyle Waiting
04. Relative Ways
05. Stand In Silence
06. Bells Of Creation (unrecorded and unreleased)
07. Caterwaul
08. Will You Smile Again For Me?
09. Another Morning Stoner
10. Clair De Lune
11. Totally Natural
12. Encore Break
13. Mistakes And Regrets
14. Richter Scale Madness

Download samples as well as Rar, they're not included.
Trail Rar

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