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Eddie Vedder - Various live and demo

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Eddie Vedder, various live sessions, and 1998 demos

What can I say about Eddie...I don't know really as it's been a long day, I've started drinking, and my brain isn't exactly up to the task. I once had a couple of lads over for what we might aswell call an audition many moons ago, it went ok and they were good lads, but it wasn't meant to be...anyway, I had to go into town afterwards so they gave me a lift in and on the stereo was Pearl Jams Jeremy. So, I sat in the back giving it the whole "Ooh woah oh oh..." bit at the end, and they in turn give it the "Whoa, damn dude, do that again!" Whatever did happen to my voice...ah yes, too much smoking that's right.

So we have for you today, a tape bought off Eds neighbour, some soundboard from the world famous Carnegie Hall (sweet cover!), an impromptu couple of songs before a Sleater Kinney show (one with vocalist Janet Weiss), a mixing desk feed plus soundcheck featuring students from the Paul Green School Of Rock Music, and finally another soundboard recording, this time with Mike McCready along for the ride and a special couple of guests for one track, which I'll let you find out for yourself...I will say the vocalist and bassist of a very big group though. :-P

Summer 98 Demo
01. One Step Up
02. Crossroads
03. Believe You Me
04. Reggae Woman

Carnegie Hall, 24th Feb 1994
01. Let My Love Open the Door
02. Squeeze Box
03. Naked Eye
04. My Generation

Crystal Ballroom Portland, 12 August 2006
01. Intro Chatter
02. Here's To The State of Mississippi
03. Tonight You Belong To Me

Neuemos Seattle, 25th May 2005
1. Intro
2. I Wanna Be Sedated
3. Corduroy
4. Corduroy (instrumental)
5. Corduroy
6. I Wanna Be Sedated
7. I Wanna Be Sedated

Downing Stadium NY, 8th June 1997 (could be 6th Aug, stupid dates!)
01 Corduroy
02 Yellow Ledbetter
03 Rockin' in the Free World
04 Long Road

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anna said...

oh, yes, American way of giving dates can be utterly confusing ;-)
though, the tracks from Downing Stadium are from the second day of Tibetan Freedom Concert, that is, the 8th of June, 1997.
thanks for the above and all the rest.