Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Tim Buckley - Blue Obsession

tim buckley, live, blue obsession, starwood, 1975

Tim Buckley, live at Starwood LA 1975, aka Blue Obsession

As I posted the 'new' Jeff yesterday, I thought I'd spend this week uploading related artists, starting with his estranged father Tim. This concert is taken from a fan release, dunno if they put the money together to put out the vinyl version I've seen floating about mind, I'd imagine not somehow, and that that release is sourced from this one. So if you've bought the vinyl...unlucky, you might as well have gotten the CD.

01 Buzzin' Fly
02 Nighthawkin'
03 Dolphins
04 Get On Top
05 Devil Eyes
06 Finale

Download sample as well as Rar, it's not included.
Rar file

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