Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Tim Buckley - Live in Escondido

tim buckley, escondido, the alley, live, 1970

Tim Buckley, live at The Alley, Escondido California, 1st October 1970

Last show for the Jeff links (delayed due to my upload issues), I know...no Chris or Joan, I have them here but couldn't find them when needed! This is rather a sweet bootleg performed with the same guys he recorded Starsailor with.

01 Borderline
02 Jungle Fire
03 Just Got Back
04 Drifting
05 Haloween Night (improv)
06 Interlude (improv)
07 Set 1 clip
08 Choral Piece (improv)
09 Lorca
10 Monterey
11 Poem/Chaos
12 Whole & Healing Festival

Download samples, they're not in Rars.
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Bodhi Amol said...

hello,the rar files are gone ,could you reup please?Thanks for the quick and convinient links without waiting!!A very good blog indeed.