Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The Grifters - Live in Santa Rosa 1995

the grifters, live, santa rosa, crappin' you negative, ain't my lookout, 1995

The Grifters, live in Santa Rosa LA, 20th April 1995

The Grifters were an awesome (I've been using that word alot the past couple of days) alt-rock band coming out of Memphis TN, the town Jeff lived out his last days writing and playing small gigs in preparation for what would become Sketches. Jeff and them played on the same bill a few times, and he was good friends with the guys. They were on Subpop for a good while and released many albums, the most lauded being Crappin' You Negative, from which most of this set is derived.

1. Just Passing Out
2. Corolla Hoist
3. His Jesus Song
4. Wreck
5. Bummer
6. Holmes
7. X-Ray Hip
8. Bronze Cast
9. Return To Cinder
10. Get Outta That Spaceship & Fight Like a Man
11. Banjo
12. Maps Of The Sun
13. Black Fuel Incinerator
14. Postal Blowfish (Guided By Voices)
15. She Blows Blasts of Static
16. Thumbnail Sketch
17. I'm Drunk
18. Look What You've Done To Me Now

Download sample tracks, they're not in Rar files.
Part 1
Part 2


Anonymous said...

Whoa. This is so weird. I was working at this coffee shop and my band opened the show. That's me requesting She Blows Blasts of Static. Thanks for posting.

Bucklberry said...

Fantastic Anon, I'm glad I could help you relive it :D

Anonymous said...

Probably my favorite band of all. And this is the first time I've gotten to hear them live that I haven't been at the show myself! The Postal Blowfish link doesn't seem to work though & GBV's not too far behind the Memphis bunch for me. Any chance of re-upping it? Great site & thanks for putting this out there.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the Postal Blowfish link is dead. I cannot believe you have a boot of these guys. They were definitely a great band. It's soooo good to hear them again. Thanks so much for posting! - MEB*

Bucklberry said...

Been a while it's been dead now, so perhaps I'll try and find it amongst the collection at some point. Glad you like either way.