Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Mars Volta - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium 2007

mars volta, live, acoustic, bill graham civic auditorium, 2007

Mars Volta, live and acoustic, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium San Fransisco, 31st December 2007

The first set of two (the second was electric) from the fabulous Mars Volta, featuring a new song, which is titled just that, and debut acoustic versions of the rest of the songs, as they'd never played that way before.

01. Intro
02. Televators
03. Cedric talks about a toy guitar given to Omar by an audience member
04. The Widow
05. Cedric talks
06. Miranda, That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore
07. Cedric talks
08. Asilos Magdalena
09. Cedric talks
10. Vermicide
11. Cedric Talks
12. New Song

The link vanished...


merrmaid27 said...

i just found this blog- thank you so much for all your work, you've got some great taste!
i was wondering if you could upload the second electric set from this show? i was there and its one of the best sets i have seen them play in the 7 times ive seen them...

Bucklberry said...

I'll se if I can dig it out for the near future.

Anonymous said...

it's strange but the download link leads back to the post's site...
could you check it, please?

Bucklberry said...

Sadly it seems the link doesn't exist in the html of this post. Wish I knew what has happened there.

Anonymous said...

Can you please put the link back up for this show. I have been looking for this. Thanks!

maristella said...

here is a link to the acoustic set:

and here is the electric:pt.1


the acoustic sounds fantastic but the electric is only so-so which is a total bummer because they were all on fire that night...
le sigh.
still better than nothing though!