Monday, 8 September 2008

Ryan Adams - Destroyer Sessions 2000

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Ryan Adams, the Destroyer Sessions, Pilot Recording Studios 2000

One of the more prolific artists about these days, and like most of the others he's primarily a solo artist, can you imagine a fully fledged band recording many albums worth every year? Ryans work can be rather hit and miss, thankfully more hit than miss though, and this particular unreleased album (featuring the lovely Gillian Welch) is at the top end for sure.

01 Born Yesterday
02 Dreaming's Free
03 Poison & Pain
04 No Disguise
05 Rainy Days
06 Statuettes With Wounds
07 String And The Wire
08 Hey Mrs Lovely
09 Nighttime Gals
10 In My Time Of Need
11 Bartering Lines
12 Memories Of You (False Start)
13 Memories Of You
14 Time (The Revelator)

Download samples as well as Rars, they're not included.
Part 1
Part 2

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you are an absolute champ. thanks for this