Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Jeff Buckley - Live on KROQ Radio 1994 or 1995

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Jeff Buckley, live on KROQ radio 20th November 1994 or 2nd May 1995

This has just popped up on a blog by Larry Singer, who taped this back in the day and has just started streaming it on his site. I, slightly naughtily had to rip it and share as split MP3 files rather than leave people with the stream only option. It was performed the day before the Tower Records instore appearance, and has two acoustic band performances, and some lovely interviews. Jeff is on good form joking about on the sample just before kicking in to So Real. Enjoy (and sorry Larry!)

01 Interview
02 Last Goodbye
03 Interview
04 Interview
05 So Real
06 Interview

Download sample as well as Rar, it's not included
Rar file

As requested Source blog, another BIG thanks to Larry


Kate said...

You're a wonderful person.

I like the girl interviewing him. She's adorable!

paulsome said...

Aw man, this is awesome, thanks!

Could you drop a link to the blog it came from as well?

Bucklberry said...

Kate: Yes indeed, she does seem a great choice to interview Jeff. Paulsome: Shall do...

Anonymous said...

Hi I just wanted to let you know that there is a way to verify the date of the date.
This was written on dime by nickp944:
"Based upon the interviews & conversation, this is definitely 2 May 1995.

First - Tammy [KROQ DJ] mentions having seen Jeff at Luna Park [which was 11/22/94].

Next she references "tonight's gig at the American Legion Hall" - which was 5/2/95.

Finally, "tomorrow's gig at Tower Records", which was 5/3/95.

Thanks for the share and many thanks to the original taper. Always great to have a previously 'hidden' JB gig - and this one is GREAT quality!

Nick in Florida"

I agree with Nick I listened to it and there is no way it could be the 94 show, def the 95.

Rachel (CM)

Bucklberry said...

Yeah, I'm aware of all that Rachel, what with being the guy who posted it there and all that ;-) I just never got around to updating the post here.

Thanks for doing so though :)