Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Breeders - Live in St Pere 2008

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The Breeders, live at La Route Du Rock, St. Pere France, 14th August 2008

The Deal twins re-emerged this year also, to much less fanfare than The Pixies of course, yet they had a much bigger hit with Cannonball than anything Kims day job ever produced. Initialy The Breeders was concieved to be a band with Tanya Donelly, the lovely singer of 'grunge' acts Belly and Throwing Muses, sadly that never came to be and Kim Deal used the name anyway, she must have rather liked it. Shame about the Tanya thing though, but then she probably had better albums than Kims band ever did...anyway, this was an FM broadcast from September 2nd on FM France Inter. Enjoy!

01. Intro
02. Bang on
03. No aloha
04. Pacer
05. Walk it off
06. Cannonball
07. Drivin' On 9
08. Here no more
09. Shocker in Gloomtown
10. Fortunately gone
11. Outro

Download sample, it's not in Rar.
St Pere Rar


L said...

If the rest of the concert lives up to the sample, well... Nice! Really terrific stuff.

hagus said...

Tanya Donelly was in the Breeders, and is on their first album.